How to Deal With Microsoft Lumia 535 Touchscreen Issue


In the past, there are complaints about the Microsoft Lumia 535 touchscreen. Microsoft itself actually has aimed to fix some problems by releasing some updates.  The software update released in December 2014 brought some improvements to the touch sensitivity. However, if you still encounter some problems with the touchscreen the following steps might help you:microsoft_lumia_535_youtube_screenshot

  • Make sure the touchscreen is dry, no water drops or moisture on it. If you find any, immediately wipe them out so that the touchscreen can function normally.
  • Make sure you tap the center of the key when typing on the onscreen keyboard. The wrong key may get pressed when you type to fast.
  • The screen may get zoomed or magnified when you type. If it happens, check if the Screen Magnifier is enabled. The feature can be turned on and off in Settings > Ease of access > Screen Magnifier.
  • Use the original charger when you charge the phone. The incompatible charger may cause the touchscreen to perform poorly.
  • Always check the recent updates for your phone (Settings > Phone update > Check for updates).


In addition to the explanations above, you should also notice that the Lumia 535 display has a different behavior to other Lumia phones in the following respect:

  • You cannot zoom while taking a picture.
  • Fingers should be more than 20mm apart to pinch or zoom when browsing websites or viewing pictures.




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