Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker Specifications & User Manual

fitbit zipFitbit Zip will help you monitor your physical activity so you can have better control on your fitness condition. It doesn’t only track your steps taken, but also measure the distance traveled and calories burned. It also has a playful smiley icon which can indicate your exercise intensity. If you’re getting lazy, the smiley will stick out its virtual tongue. The device has no physical button, so you need to tap it to switch screens.

The plus point of the Fitbit is its ability to sync wirelessly via Bluetooth connection. It feels more portable and makes data transfer (to PCs or smartphones) easier for you. You can access graphs and charts to monitor your progress. Fitbit is also water resistant. However, it’s not suggested to use your tracker during activities when it might get wet, because it’s not waterproof.

How to use Fitbit Zip?

Basically you can just clip it onto your waist or sport bra. But here are some suggestions:

  • The Tracker is best worn on your torso. This can include your waist or chest. You can also clip it to undergarments. You might have to try different locations to see what works the best for you in terms of accuracy.
  • The Tracker can be worn in the pocket for more convenience, but the steps and calorie counts will be slightly less accurate.
  • Use the provided belt clip for thick belts and other thick clothing to prevent overextending your Tracker.


Set up Your Fitbit Tracker

If you just installed the software, you will be taken to the account setup screen. Otherwise, right-click on the Fitbit Service Manager icon in the system tray application and choose Account Setup (Windows) or double click on the Fitbit application in the Applications folder (Mac).

  1. On the first screen, create a new account or log in to your existing account.
  2. The next screen will let you enter your personal information on your account. This information will help the Tracker’s accuracy when calculating the distance traveled and calories burned.
  3. The next screen informs you that it is time to plug in the base station, place your Tracker on the base station, and press the button on the Tracker.
  4. Finally, the Tracker will show a number for you to type in. This makes sure that the Tracker you are looking at is the Tracker that the software is communicating with. After entering this number, setup is complete.

*Multiple Trackers can be used in the same household. To set up another Tracker, merely proceed from Account Setup. You do not have to redownload the Fitbit software.

*Multiple Trackers can be used with the same base station, or many base stations.



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